Sunbeam FPSBSM210P Heritage Series 350-Watt Stand Mixer Review


Pros & Cons:
Clean up is easy and effortless, all mixing parts are detachable and the tilt head aids in the cleanup. The mixer has had mixed reviews from purchasers, some claim they had to constantly scrape the bowl during operation. And scrape un-mixed ingredients at the bottom of the bowl. Guess what, you have to do that with Kitchen Aids mega expensive mixers as well. I’m speaking from experience. But this mixer won’t set you back in excess of $300.

The Sunbeam Pink Frosting FPSBSM210P Heritage Series 350-Watt Stand Mixer is an affordable option that comes in priced for under $100. It will perform many of the functions and has many of the features the more costly stand mixers offer. Stand mixers have gone from being luxuries to necessities for the kitchens of today. Whether you’re preparing dough for baking bread and cookies or batter for making cakes, a stand mixer is simply a resource that you have to have.

The Sunbeam Heritage Series boats an array of features and attachments that will meet all the tasks given it. The housing of this mixer is solidly constructed of die cast metal. It comes with a set of dough hocks and a set of chrome beaters. The beaters are color coded so you always know which goes with which, although I doubt you’ll have any trouble telling the difference. The motor of the Sunbeam is run on 350 watts of power. The mixing bowl is polished stain-less steel and measures 4.6 quarts. Settings include 12 variable speeds for gradual adjustments throughout your mixings.

Its equipped with an open ended handle for easy tilting of the mixer for the changing of attachments as well as the removing of the mixing bowl. Though not claimed by the manufacturer it feels as though the handle is ergonomically designed and with its non-slip surface it makes moving the mixer from counter to shelf no problem. Speaking of the mixing bowl it is set off center, this makes it convenient when adding ingredients to your mixes. This also facilitates the scrapping of mixtures from the sides of the bowl.

Another feature touted by the manufacturer is the synchronized three way mixing action, which allows each beater to revolve independently of the other. Additionally one of the beaters is fitted with a special nylon tip that facilitates the revolving of the mixing bowl insuring you get well combined ingredients every time. Though the bowl that comes with the mixer is 4.6 quarts there is a selector switch on the base of the unit that will allow you to accommodate a 2.2 quart sized bowl, you’ll have to purchase this bowl separately.

The Sunbeam Pink Frosting FPSBSM210P Heritage Series 350-Watt Stand Mixer is a solid performer that won’t break the bank. You will be able to do most everything you would expect to do with the high end mixers and you’ll have enough left over to stock your shelves with plenty of staples for filling your bowl. The mixer comes in assorted colors, however you’ll want to note that the pink mixer is the only one that's considerably under $100. Product Dimensions: 9.8 x 14.7 x 16.1 inches and weighs in at 13 lbs. Here’s to your mixing bliss!

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