Smart Planet SSS-1 Review


Pros & Cons:
The Smart Start Steamer comes with a rice cooker, easy fill base, two tiered steaming tray and built in timer. Can get pretty hot so be careful.

Do you want a method of cooking that is healthy, economical and fun? Well steam cooking is the way to go and The Smart Planet SSS-1 Smart Gourmet Steamer is the product you need to facilitate this process. The Smart Start Steamer comes with a rice cooker, easy fill base, two tiered steaming tray and built in timer. This steamer will let you cook every dish you love with health invigorating steam.

When you steam instead of infusing your foods with unhealthy oil and fat, your food is cooked through the use of hot water vapor coming from the base of your steamer via boiling water. The boiling water does not come into contact with your dishes, just the healthy steam that helps your foods retain their nutrients, enhancing flavor by cooking foods in their own juices and allowing vegetables in particular to retain their natural colors.

You can virtually steam most foods from pasta, vegetables and fruit to poultry, fish and meats. With The Smart Start Steamer you can prepare multiple dishes simultaneously. Prepare the meat on top tier and vegetables on the bottom tier. Simply add water to the base set the timer and off you go. With steam cooking you can reinvigorate rolls bought the day before back to fresh baked consistency.

A tasty treat can be made by wrapping meats in cabbage leaves then placing in the steamer. The meat and the cabbage for a synergistic flavor mixing that cannot be beaten. You can prepare many types of Chinese Food dishes, which focus heavily on the use of steam in cooking. The Smart Start Steamer cooks clean, energy efficiently which reduces the time it takes to prepare your meals. Clean up is quick and easy, all the parts disassemble to enhance the clean-up process. Although the manufacturer does not recommend placing parts in the dish washer, other customers state they have had no problem popping washable parts in the dish washer.

Steam cooking is now more popular than ever and the Smart Planet SSS-1 Smart Gourmet Steamer will be an asset in any homemaker’s kitchen. Whether you prepare rice, vegetables or various types of meat, The Smart Start Steamer can handle meal time with ease and efficiency. Product dimensions are 8.3 x 8.3 x 8.3 inches and weighs in at 2.2 lbs. Here’s to your eating healthy with flavor enhancing and vitamin and nutrient retention.

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