Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Oatmeal Beige Review


Pros & Cons:
You can choose a watch that matches your personal style. The face comes in brushed chrome or rose gold. Some found the watch pricey, but Amazon is offering this watch at a 50% discount!

Remember the two way wristwatches of comic character Dick Tracy? The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch brings those imagined devices to life and takes watches into the future of technological advancement. This watch will make you feel like agent 007 with the array of features it has. You wear this just like you would any wristwatch, but it has capabilities that far outperform your typical timepiece.

This watch connects with the Galaxy Note 3 as well as other Galaxy smartphones and allows you to answer calls and make calls from your watch. It contains a speaker and microphone so you can leave your phone in your pocket, briefcase, or another spot nearby. You can choose a watch that matches your personal style. The face comes in brushed chrome or rose gold. And you can decide between six different colored bands including white, black, orange, and lime green.

It comes equipped with the S Voice app that allows you to use voice commands to place calls and write text messages. You can even turn on your camera or alarm through voice activation. It can be hard to stop what you're doing and hold your phone throughout a busy day. With this smart watch, you'll have hands-free calling and since it's fastened to your wrist, you won't have to stop and figure out where you left your phone.

While we're on the subject of finding your phone, this device will allow you to locate the phone when you've misplaced it. It will cause sounds or vibrations to help you find the phone wherever it happens to be. The smart watch will automatically become activated when you walk 5 feet away from your phone and will put a smart lock on it so that no one else can use it. When you get closer to your phone, that lock automatically deactivates. In addition to typical phone functions, you can also use this as a fitness monitor. It can be coupled with a pedometer app to measure your steps. You can also keep up with your fitness goals.

You'll find that the display is large and crystal clear. It's not so large that it stands out on your wrist, but it provides you with enough screen that you can easily read messages. You'll also enjoy the long battery life. Most people can go a week between charges. Charging is easy with the included wall charger and charging cradle. You can place it on the cradle before going to bed and it will be ready to go in the morning. If you crave the ability to speak on a hands-free device, the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is the perfect choice for you or the techie in your life.

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