Nostalgia Electrics TSM100 Review


Pros & Cons:
Easy to use, makes great tortilla bowls in minutes. Very inexpensive product, fun for the whole family. Has to be turned upside down to achieve best results.

Today’s consumers are always on the lookout for products that can speed up the process of preparing meals and snacks for those of us who want things made yesterday. Enter the Nostalgia Electrics TSM100 Fiesta Series Electric Tortilla Shell Maker. This product takes any flour or corn tortilla and creates a hot and crispy tortilla bowl fresh and ready for whatever ingredients you can place in it from salads to traditional tortilla fixings.

Not only is this item practical and efficient it’s also fun to use. You really can let your imagination run wild when you consider the many snack and even desert options you can come up with. Just place a tortilla in the compartment close the lid and you are moments away from enjoying tortillas made at home quickly and easily.

Because the tortilla bake within the tortilla shell maker you won’t have to deal with the calories and fat that frying would produce. Many customers who have purchased this product advise heating your tortilla’s in a microwave oven for 10-15 seconds which will make the tortilla’s more pliable and easier to fit into the unit.

The machine takes up very little space and with its non-stick surface is a breeze to clean. There is a storage space for the electric cord conveniently built into the bottom of the cookers base. Some customers remark that turning the unit upside down helps to keep the tortilla firmly to the form of the mold better creating that perfect shell every time.

You can dust the completed bowl with cinnamon and sugar to make cone bowls for the kids favorite ice cream. The manufacturer advice’s spraying a light coating of cooking spray to help maintain the resiliency of the non-stick surface. Also you should preheat the unit for approximately three minutes before using. The tortilla maker comes with a book of recipes for making everything from taco salads to guacamole.

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